The workshop aims to bring together members of the language-resource (LR) landscape, focusing on complex linguistic knowledge that requires linguistic expertise, e.g. on dictionaries, ontologies and grammars. Such manually-built resources are key to the development of natural language processing (NLP) tools and applications. The workshop intends to strengthen the cohesion of the scientific ‘production chain’ spanning from the construction of LRs by linguists to their exploitation in hybrid or symbolic NLP. It is necessary to increase mutual awareness between researchers along this production chain, regarding their activities, skills and needs, in view of improving the building processes of the resources, their validation and their exploitation.

Many linguists are comfortable with descriptive tasks such as checking lexical entries for a given feature, even if each entry requires analysing or pondering. On the other hand, computer scientists are familiar with formalization and, usually, with notions such as falsifiability or reproducibility, which are fundamental to sciences. Combining all these skills is likely to stimulate innovation. The workshop offers an opportunity of interaction which is required to overcome the compartmentalization between humanities and sciences, and to intensify co-operation between the two ends of the chain.